Safe, protected, targeted

Selenium supplementation

Did you know that a high percentage of inorganic sodium selenite is reduced to non-absorbable elementary selenium by the rumen microbiota? This can easily cause a selenium deficiency and lead to a higher incidence of infectious diseases, reduced fertility and performance as selenium is critical for immunity and nutrient metabolism.

Due to the maximum level of 0,5 mg selenium per kg complete feed (European Feed Safety Authority) and the high risk for intoxication when selenium is used in higher concentrations, it is not possible to increase the selenium levels in the diet without any limits in order to meet the animals’ requirements.

How can we bring the selenium supplementation of ruminants to the next level to ensure stable health, fertility and performance of the animals?

MiaTrace Se guarantees a high level of safety with regard to the selenium supplementation of ruminants. The selenium particles reach the targeted site of absorption unaffected thanks to the reliable protective capsule. Intestinal enzymes rapidly dissolve the capsule in order to ensure a high absorption rate. Thus MiaTrace Se ensures that the selenium in the diet is completely available for the animal and not excreted with the feaces.

The benefits?

  • A targeted and safe selenium supply for ruminants
  • A lower risk for selenium deficiency
  • An assurance for health, fertility and performance


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