The art
of mixture.

Mixing innovative products for the benefit of animal health is an art that demands a lot of experience. The same applies to yield-increasing biogas additives or tailor-made premixes for the food industry. MIAVIT has perfected the art of mixing. And our employees have every right to be proud of this.

Welcome to MIAVIT.

The name MIAVIT has been synonymous with minerals, amino acids and vitamins since the company was founded in 1964. We are an expert, reliable partner for your needs regarding feedstuffs, supplements, minerals and vitamins.

MIAVIT’s expertise is reflected in the company’s wide range of high-quality products, which have proven successful for decades. Our products meet the needs of modern, environmentally friendly, economically viable animal nutrition.

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Miarom classic

Respiratory health

Respiratory diseases frequently occur in young calves and other cattle.

This disease increases mortality rates and impairs animal performance in the long term. To promote the health of humans and animals, essential oils have been used succesfully for more than 5000 years.

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Miarom Family

Miarom Family Video

Miarom Family

Our family of products with carefully selected phytogenic ingredients to enhance animal performance and welfare.

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Miarom Preview

Miarom Preview Video

Something new awaits you. Be curious.

Inspired by nature, realized by professionals.

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Tested quality

Expert knowledge for premium products.

High quality also means high security for our customers. For this reason, we are happy to invest in quality. At MIAVIT, we guarantee product safety right from the start.

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Let's talk about mixtures!

At MIAVIT we not only produce premixes and supplements for the animal nutrition and food industries, we also offer a range of services and know-how. Interested?

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