Stephan Athmann is handing over his position as Head of Sales Central Europe

Essen (Oldb.)

Stephan Athmann is handing over his position as Head of Sales Central Europe for the Sales Division Feed at MIAVIT GmbH to his long-term colleague Christian Lampe. From the 30th of September, Stephan Athmann will focus on the Special Account Management area together with his colleague Thomas Heile.

"We are pleased to have found an experienced and long-standing colleague in Christian Lampe for the position of "Head of Sales Central Europe". We are also looking forward to the very good development in the area of "Special Account Management", where we have been able to win with Stephan Athmann and Thomas Heile two experienced sales strategists to further expand this business area," says the present Managing Director Lukas Middendorf.

Christian Lampe has been working in the MIAVIT group of companies since 2008 and is recently responsible for the biogas division as Managing Director of CAM Energy GmbH. He is familiar with the company's internal processes and will now also successively take over the department management from Stephan Athmann until the 30th of September. Stephan Athmann has already held the position of Head of Sales Central Europe since June 2015. "We would like to thank Stephan for his work in Sales Central Europe and look forward to working with him on the various projects for our customers," explains Lukas Middendorf. "We think that Christian is a worthy successor for our customers and for MIAVIT.”

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(from left Christian Lampe, Stephan Athmann)