Are your premixes ready for summer time?!

Some regions in the world have always been very hot during the summer.

But nowadays due to climate change, hot periods occur more unexpectedly and more intensively in many places. This brings several challenges and among others also problems in animal production, as some species react very sensitive to heat stress.

To get rid of excess heat, poultry relies on panting and pigs additionally control their thermal regulation over the snout. But all together these natural measurements can be insufficient during periods of intensive heat. Heat stress in animals increases their body temperature and respiratory rate, while also decreasing blood-pH and levels of sodium, potassium and bicarbonate in the blood.

A first and easy approach to counteract the negative effects of heat stress is a preventive adaption of your premix strategy in those critical summer periods! For example, additional amounts of vitamins E and C in the premix can already make a big difference! In addition, physiological antioxidants like polyphenols are an important factor to ease oxidative stress in the animals, which is caused by heat stress.

But also a modification of the general diet composition can have great effects on relieving the animals’ heat stress. Excess crude protein can be replaced by an efficient use of amino acids, and also an adaptation of the cation-anion-balance inside the feed can be a powerful tool for fighting heat stress. Moreover, choosing the right nutrients for energy supply is important, because the digestion of carbohydrates produces more metabolic heat in the animals than the digestion of fat.

The use of special essential oils can have a cooling effect on the animals, which can also be a promising way to remedy heat stress.

Let’s get in touch to discuss your strategies for premixes and mineral feed, to prepare and protect your animals in the best way – Make your premixes ready for summer time!

 Heat Stress