MIAVIT innovation

MiaTrace Se for ruminants

Did you know, that …. a high percentage of inorganic sodium selenite is reduced to non-absorbable elementary selenium by the rumen microbiota? This can easily cause a selenium deficiency and lead to a higher incidence of infectious diseases, reduced fertility and performance as selenium is critical for immunity and nutrient metabolism.

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Botanicals, same same but different

Part 1

It is widely known that certain plants or parts of plants can have an effect on the well-being and performance of animals. This can be purely aromatic (vanilla) to make the taste of feed and water more attractive to the animals, but there are also direct effects on intestinal health (oregano) or the respiratory tract (thyme, mint).

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Natural Polyphenols for cost effective feed production

One product two applications

A tense market situation for Vitamin E leads to increasing prices worldwide. Due to the high antioxidative potential of MiaPhenol feed cost savings are realizable.

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MIAVIT launches new liquid product for ruminants

Tasty energy to manage negative energy balance

Negative energy balance frequently occurs in freshly calved and high yielding cows. As a consequence, the animals need to mobilise body fat, which leads to reduced milk production, a higher risk of liver damage and low fertility rates.

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