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The bacterial endotoxin activity in ruminants: a constant threat?

In our last two episodes, we have spoken about mycotoxins and their challenge in handling, but what about endotoxins?

Where do they come from? And are they a constant threat? Is there a potential risk of endotoxins in dairy cows? What solutions do exist in farm- and feed management to protect our dairy cows?

We will talk about this topic with an expert in animal health - Dr. Simone Schaumberger. As a group leader for Research & Development she planned and implemented feeding experiments as well as laboratory tests to find new feed additives and to make basic research in the field of endotoxins and mycotoxins. Additionally she was author and co-author of numerous peer review papers. Currently as a veterinarian she advises and assists farmers who are interested in organic farming.

Our next episode will be released on the 20th of January 2022.
Stay tuned!