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MIAVIT launches new liquid product for ruminants

Tasty energy to manage negative energy balance

Negative energy balance frequently occurs in freshly calved and high yielding cows. As a consequence, the animals need to mobilise body fat, which leads to reduced milk production, a higher risk of liver damage and low fertility rates.

However negative energy balance is not only affecting freshly calved animals. Fast and highly palatable energy sources can help to stabilize feed intake during recovery from a disease or they can simply add a fine taste to poor feed qualities.

What is the MIAVIT solution?

  • MiaPower 100 is a tasty, liquid energy feed to manage negative energy balance
  • The product delivers high amounts of propylenglycol, isomaltulose and glycerin
  • Niacin and choline chloride.provide additional liver protection
  • Cobalt helps to prevent from a lack of vitamin B12
  • Aromatic substances and sweeteners ensure the highest palatability

At a glance

  • enhanced milk production
  • higher feed intake
  • lower risk for metabolic disorders
  • support of reproduction
  • reduced impact of heat stress
  • proven voluntary consumption
  • suitable for all ruminants

Packaging sizes

1 litre, 25 litres, 100 litres