Start booster for chicks

The first hours in the life of chickens represent a special challenge due to hatching, vaccination, transportation and housing. When day old chicks arrive at the farm the nutrients they require must be provided as soon as possible to ensure a quick recovery and a good start into production.

  • For an ideal chick start
  • Additional amino acids, vitamins and fast energy
  • Quick recovery after stress situations
  • Electrolytes to avoid dehydration of chicks
  • 1 l bottle
  • 5 l canister
AmiVit is a liquid complementary feed supplement for an ideal start for chicks and sustainable production. The well balanced ingredients in AmiVit assist in the development of a strong immune system, an optimally working digestive tract and support the protein and energy metabolism right from the start. The birds are able to recover quickly after stress situations and maintain good production levels throughout the fattening period. On farm level, administration is easy and flexible thanks to the drinking water application.

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