The advantage for the intestine

Intestinal diseases are a health burden for poultry and pigs and affect profitability. Wet litter syndrome is a widespread problem in poultry production which can be caused by poor stable management. It leads to reduced performance, diarrhea and changes in foot pad health. The regulation of the digestive function is necessary for success.

  • MiaDiasan regulates and optimises the digestive function in a quick and lasting manner due to its high astringency
  • Increases daily weight gains as well as final weight and improves feed conversion
  • Reduces mortality
  • Leads to less problems with foot pad dermatitis
  • 10kg bag
  • 20kg bag
MiaDiasan is a complementary feed for pigs and poultry. It´s a combination of plant-based ingredients, clay minerals and hydrolysable tannins. The specially selected ingredients promote the microbiota balance and optimise the passage rate within gastro intestinal tract. Its rapidily working in all cases of unspecific diarrhea.

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