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Over 60 % of all losses in pig rearing occur during the first few days of a piglets’ life. Piglets are born without any fat reserves, having no stored energy during this critical phase of their lives. The colostrum intake from sows is directly related to newborn piglets’ energy supply. The natural resilience and survival rates of suckling piglets can only be improved if they receive an adequate supply of sow colostrum and energy.

  • Rapidly available energy source
  • The starter complex promotes long-term vitality
  • Quick and easy to apply
  • 250 ml bottle
MiaKick is a liquid complementary feed supplement for piglets that is given as an additional energy supply. This unique starter complex contains readily available energy, medium-chain fatty acids, probiotics, vitamins and egg powder to ensure that piglets get a kick start in life. Direct oral application is easy and flexible thanks to the handy bottle with metering device.

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