MiaTrace Zn

Zinc different!

The trace element zinc plays an important role in the nutrition of animals. As a part of more than 300 enzymes, zinc is of essential physiological importance within the metabolism of mammals. At the same time, high dosages of zinc oxide far beyond the physiological requirements have shown positive effects on animal performance and diarrhoea control in weaned piglets. Today's scientific knowledge and legal requirements make it necessary to rethink the usage in general and demand more efficient product solutions like MiaTrace Zn.

  • MiaTrace Zn brings targeted high quantities of zinc ions into the small intestine
  • Zinc ions support the development of the intestinal mucosa and reduce the attachment of E.coli for improved intestinal health
  • MTZ increases the zinc digestibility and zinc status of the animal leading to better production parameters
  • MTZ plays a key role in zinc reduction as a part of advanced feed concepts
  • Packaging-Info: 25kg bag
MiaTrace Zn is a unique protected zinc source delivering the highest amounts of free zinc ions within legal levels. Its target release within the small intestine will reduce the attachment of E. coli, supports the gut integrity and increase performance parameters. As a part of advanced feed concepts it plays a major role in reducing therepeutical levels of zinc oxide in feed.

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