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Liquids in livestock

Why liquids in livestock?

Liquids are a fast and effective way to respond to problems in livestock compared to compound feed:

In case of diseases, the animals stop eating before they stop drinking, and the water intake of the animals is twice as high as the feed intake. Therefore, veterinarians or farmers can apply the product easily in preventive or acute situations at farm level without waiting for feed changes. In addition, the pelleting of feed involves high friction and heat, resulting in a vitamin loss of up to 10 % after two months. In liquids, on the other hand, the vitamins are stabilised in a high-quality product development to maintain their effectiveness over a longer period of time.

What are the success factors of MIAVIT liquids?

The recipes are developed by nutrition and technical experts with good knowledge and high experience. This ensures that there are no problems with water pipes and drinking nipples, which is tested at farm and institutional level. For MIAVIT products containing fat-soluble vitamins or essential oils, a high proportion of emulsifiers and a powerful mixing technique are used so that the liquids are homogeneous and have high availability.

EU feed law compliance

All feed formulations are developed in accordance with EU feed legislation. Raw materials and end products are regularly tested in both our in-house laboratory and certified external laboratories. This guarantees a harmless application of the MIAVIT feed concepts at farm level. The declaration of the active ingredients ensures transparency for the customer.

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