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Always stay cool

MiaHeatProtection a nutritional solution

Did you know that poultry and pigs can not sweat? For heat dissipation they rely on panting and pigs also over the snout for thermal regulation.

Due to climate change, hot periods occur more unexpectedly and more intensively. Heat stress in animals increases body temperature and respiratory rate while also decreasing blood-pH and levels of sodium, potassium and bicarbonate in the blood. MiaHeatProtection provides the tailor-made nutritive solution to help your livestock thermoregulate. In addition to sodium, potassium and bicarbonate, vitamin C and other natural antioxidants are supplied for cell protection, as well as betaine to minimize water loss in animals. For additional support, MiaHeatProtection contains selected essential oils that have a cooling effect on the animal.

MiaHEatProtection enDaily gains pigs

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