There is no need to overzinc

Zinc in poultry

Zinc is a trace element indispensable for poultry. It plays an important role in many metabolic processes and helps in the development of skin, feathers, eggshell and bones. It is essential for growth as well as reproduction and forms part of some antioxidant enzymes like superoxide dismutase.

Sources of Zinc

When talking about zinc digestion we know that zinc can bound to phytate, decreasing its absorption rate. With the inclusion of phytase enzymes in premix, the rations could already have an excess of zinc. Furthermore, inorganic zinc sources like sulfates and oxides are altered in the upper intestinal tract, reducing the levels of available zinc and increasing the levels of insoluble zinc in the digesta. That means, zinc is bounded to other molecules, which are not able to be absorbed.

MIAVIT´S alternative
MIAVIT indeed offers a source of protected Zinc, making it possible to reduce the Zn supplementation for poultry, without losing efficiency or growth.
The product is already widely used in pigs with outstanding success for several years. It´s unique coating technology allows the product to pass the upper intestinal tract without being modified by hydrochloric acid. When the protected particles of MiaTrace Zn arrive to the lower intestinal tract, zinc ions are released.

Compared to traditional zinc supplementation MiaTrace Zn brings:
• Higher levels of available zinc
• Better performance
• Lower zinc excretion

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