Chinese New Year

MIAVIT wishes you a happy Chinese New Year.

MIAVIT wishes you and your family a wonderful and happy Chinese New Year!

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International Animal Nutrition

The VII International Animal Nutrition CESFAC Congress is taking place in Madrid (Spain) at the 1st & 2nd Dec.


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When quality matters

The use of phytogenics in animal nutrition has increased exponentially over the past few years.

Phytogenics, which are derived from herbs, spices or other plants, are a group of natural growth promoters or non-antibiotic growth promoters used as feed additives.

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360-degree protection

At least 25% of food crops globally are contaminated by different mycotoxins.

Among all existing mycotoxins, few of them are the high risk for Livestock industry:

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Merry Christmas

and a happy new year!

When the first Christmas carols are heard, it is time to send our Christmas greetings.

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Rapid relief from digestive problems

MiaFirstAid L is a liquid dietary complementary feed for piglets to stabilize both the fluid and electrolyte metabolism and physiological digestion.

It is a combinations of flavourings and tannins to fight digestive disorders during the suckling period.

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Episode 4

Take a look behind the scenes of MIAVIT product development.

From the idea to the finished goods.

Get to know the clever minds behind MIAVIT.
Accompany the export team in the launch of a new product.

Have fun with episode 4.

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Toxin binders as a solution to tail biting?

Despite constant monitoring of influencing factors such as climate, feed and animal health, pigs continue to bite their tails time and time again.

This occurs entirely independently of whether the pig has previously had its tail docked. Even if there was nothing visible on the previous day, farmers find themselves observing one or more animals in a cove with reddened tails, and sometimes even a bloody patch, the next morning.

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Fast and easy energy

MiaKick is a liquid complementary feed for piglets for additional energy supply after birth.

The unique starter complex contains rapidly available energy to ensure that new born piglets get a kick start in their life.

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Respiratory health

Respiratory diseases frequently occur in young calves and other cattle.

This disease increases mortality rates and impairs animal performance in the long term. To promote the health of humans and animals, essential oils have been used succesfully for more than 5000 years.

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Miarom Family Video

Miarom Family

Our family of products with carefully selected phytogenic ingredients to enhance animal performance and welfare.

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Miarom Preview Video

Something new awaits you. Be curious.

Inspired by nature, realized by professionals.

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