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The maintenance of gut health is crucial for optimal body weight development in livestock production.

The trace element selenium plays an essential role in the immune defense system of animals as it serves as a central building element for more than 20 enzymes which are involved in the degradation of free radicals.

The period after calving is always a challenge for high-performing cows. To compensate for the stress of calving and the onset of milk production, the animals have a much higher energy demand than they can cover with feed due to the lower feed intake in the first few days.

Protect your raw materials, feedstuffs and vitamins from oxidative changes by avoiding their deterioration in the most effective way.

Blend of natural of antioxidants specially designed to protect your raw materials, feedstuffs and vitamins from oxidative changes by avoiding their deterioration.

High-performing animals are constantly exposed to various stressors. Heat stress, mycotoxin intoxications, metabolic stress and impairment of immune function are common worldwide.

Mycotoxins are toxic secondary metabolites produced by moulds.

An optimal start to lactation is decisive for the performance and fitness of dairy cows and all ruminants.

Diarrhea causes heavy losses of fluids and electrolytes and excessive dehydration can be life-threatening for young animals.

Problems in cattle herds are often due to incorrect feeding. The rumen plays a key role in ruminant nutrition.

The power of phytogenics and their active ingredients has been known for centuries. Inspired by nature, their benefits are nowadays also proven in animal nutrition. Among other important effects, they are able to support a healthy respiratory tract and boost animal well-being.