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The maintenance of gut health is crucial for optimal body weight development in livestock production.

The trace element zinc plays an important role in the nutrition of farm animals. As a part of more than 300 enzymes, zinc is of essential physiological importance within the metabolism of mammals.

Digestive disorders during the first few days of life are the main cause of suckling piglet losses.

Mycotoxins are toxic secondary metabolites produced by moulds present on almost all agricultural commodities worldwide.

Protect your raw materials, feedstuffs and vitamins from oxidative changes by avoiding their deterioration in the most effective way.

Blend of natural of antioxidants specially designed to protect your raw materials, feedstuffs and vitamins from oxidative changes by avoiding their deterioration.

High-performing animals are constantly exposed to various stressors. Heat stress, mycotoxin intoxications, metabolic stress and impairment of immune function are common worldwide.

Intestinal diseases are a health burden for poultry and pigs and affect profitability. Wet litter syndrome is a widespread problem in poultry production which can be caused by poor stable management.

Over 60 % of all losses in pig rearing occur during the first few days of a piglets’ life. Piglets are born without any fat reserves, having no stored energy during this critical phase of their lives.

The power of phytogenics and their active ingredients has been known for centuries. Inspired by nature, their benefits are nowadays also proven in animal nutrition. Among other important effects, they are able to support a healthy respiratory tract and boost animal well-being.

During times of disease and immune response, 62% of the protein ingested is not used for growth. The metabolism and especially the liver function are decreased. In this specific time, both energy and protein metabolism need to be accelerated.